Reconciliation and the Healing of Nations—The Voices of "We the Peoples…"

Steve Nation

We the Peoples

It seems appropriate to begin by honoring 'We the Peoples…' Our immediate thought may be of you and I: our individual, unique voices. And this is good. It is right and appropriate to salute the divine within each and every one of us.

Yet here, in this space dedicated to the UN, the Voices of We the Peoples has a wider and more symbolic connotation.

Let us rejoice, today, in the historical emergence of a consciousness of human unity and planetary unity - and let us look to the future, as this emergence becomes the driving force of culture and civilization. During our life times the thought 'We the Peoples' is emerging as an aspect of human identity - an aspect of our personal identity. I am a cell within the body of humanity.

On this World Invocation Day gathering, let us invoke, the healing forces of divinity that They may nourish and support our growing sense of human unity.


One of my interests is in fostering meditation and reflection on the themes of the international Years and international Days of the UN Calendar. Consider the fact that, because this is the International Year of Reconciliation, countless gatherings will be held in all parts of the world holding the theme of reconciliation in the light.

Because of the UN Year, people and groups are thinking about reconciliation and exploring ways of developing and strengthening processes of reconciliation in society. In the wide field of human consciousness this means that there is a focus and a concentrated livingness in thought forms of reconciliation - the field is alive, aflame … and we might therefore say that the Great Spirits - the Elders, Masters and Rishis of Life - as well as Angelic Beings - hold this field of human concern, love and intelligent preoccupation in their gaze.

Reconciliation is about relationship … about all levels and dimensions of relationship. The need to focus on this theme has come to the fore in the life of humanity because of traumatic, cataclysmic outbursts of violence in relationships between different communities. These outbursts of violence are not new - but in an interdependent world every flare up of communal tension and violence has a global spin off. So it becomes more urgent to proactively foster reconciliation in pre- conflict and post-conflict situations.

For the inner worker there is always the need to reconcile inner and outer; higher and lower within ourselves as well as the need to reconcile with others in our family, work-place and so on. And we are part of an on-going reconciliation between humanity and the Earth. The evolution of right relations, of integrity with Truth, is the evolution of processes of reconciliation.

Let us invoke, today, the Great Spirits of Life that they may inspire our efforts as individuals and as 'We the Peoples of the Earth' to grow in the understanding and practice of reconciliation.

Healing of the Nations

What is meant by this phrase, the healing of the nations? Our nations are all engaged in an incredible process of becoming who or what we are destined to become. At the core of every nation is the golden symbol - the destiny of beauty that the nation is charged to incarnate. Great visionary principles emerge in the history of nations - the soul coalesces around these principles and the nation becomes charged with the task of giving incarnation - social, cultural, legal, economic incarnation - to these principles. As we know, embodiment of principles is a process of many lives - in national terms it is the stuff of history. The healing of the nations refers to this process and the making whole of a national culture with its inner soul.

Today, we invoke the Mother of the World and the Great Healers of all traditions, calling on Their aid in the work of healing the nations. We acknowledge that it is through our lives and our Work that the nations are healed - yet, here, in the aura of the United Nations Headquarters, we affirm that we need the help of the Great Ones in this Work.

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