Reconciliation and the Healing of Nations—The Voices of "We the Peoples…"


Sharon Hamilton

It is always a great place, and great opportunity to work closely with so many at the UN, especially those who are contributing towards the healing of the nations and the fostering of world unity.

A new way of cooperating is coming into being. It is built not on the efforts of individuals to overcome their differences through argument, debate, heated discussion, or the provision of evidence for one point of view or another. This new model is not built on the premise of adversaries meeting to compromise, with each seeking to have their perspective gain adherents, or to secure as much of a foothold in the compromise as possible.

Instead, the new form of cooperation is built on the premise of oneness—on the idea that for every issue and every problem, there is a resolution within a higher level of perception—a "meta-level"—that allows for the effective meeting of the needs of all without anyone having to gain a victory over any other.

This new premise takes the medium of human interaction and discussion to a new level of perception and of truth. It imbues the human, physical level of discourse with truths that can only be found within the dimension of spiritual guidance, the dimension of the soul.

Such a process of cooperation cannot fully flower at a time when both individuals and groups continue to identify primarily with the outer, physical dimension of who they are and what their struggles are about. It can only come into being when consciousness is aligned with a higher and more potent reality – one in which all needs can be met.

"Alignment" is based on the perception of a sacred Oneness to which all belong as souls that is the Being and consciousness of a single divine Source. Whether referred to as God, Allah, Jesus, Krishna Buddha or just as Source, this holy Consciousness is presumed to be the origin of all love, light, and truth. It contains within Itself the means to achieve harmony in any situation.

Alignment does not require a particular set of beliefs about the Divine in order to be effective, only that the Divine and sacred realm of the holy exists, and that all of life is part of it. Also, that this Divine realm contains the capacity to infuse all that manifests on the physical plane.

The Great Invocation when practiced on the specific time and day of the full moon, such as we are doing today, can bring down tremendous amounts of spiritual energies that can be harnessed effectively to bless our lives, our loved ones and more Divine Energies can be brought down to bless Mother Earth.

The present meditative and prayerful endeavors of a group or global community to bring sacred sound vibrations, call and response of Holy Names, and energies of peace and light to the Earth are significant steps toward this new consciousness. Each endeavor brings souls together in common purpose. It encourages them to shed the primary identity of the physical plane and to reach for their higher-Self identity. It asks of each to release all emotions other than love. It causes both heart and body to open to the higher realms of light which can, when the opening exists, radiate the blessings of light from the higher planes to the realm of the physical. This infusion illuminates and uplifts those who are capable of receiving, and has an effect on humanity as a whole.

Through the process of reaching upward toward the higher dimensions of spiritual light while at the same time extending outward toward others in love, profound spiritual connections can be created between people. These energetic connections strengthen with each spiritual effort, and are capable of transforming the Earth.

While this transformation is taking place in any case on planetary and cosmic levels, it is quickened greatly by the participation of each individual consciousness that joins the collective Whole. For each expands the synergy that exists among all. Each is connected to every other. Because of this, the deliberate effort of even one to bring a measure of love and blessing to the Earth can have an unexpectedly great and beneficial effect upon all of human awareness.

May all who seek reconciliation and healing, realize, even now, the greatness of their own potential to do so. And may the collective consciousness of mankind move ever more quickly into the realms of peace..

There is only one human Being here on the Earth, and it is the Being that represents the whole of mankind.There is only one Soul on the Earth, and it is the Soul that joins all of humanity together in a single embrace of Divine love.

This Being is the collective consciousness of mankind, and its heart is the heart of humanity's aspirations—its hopes, dreams, fears, and illusions, all melded together into a single consciousness. Such a consciousness conveys to each individual the nature of reality.

It defines for individual souls, the structure of existence. Within this one Being, there are billions of individual identities – billions of individual lights that light the world – billions of individual dramas that represent the story of each unique lifestream. But taken together, humanity is only One. It has never been anything other than One, despite the illusion that people have lived with of being separate within their own skins.

In contrast to this is the new and emerging understanding that today fills the air. This understanding tells us that not only are we not separate, but that we are part of each other. To grasp the root of this perception is to have an understanding of the single essence that lives within all.

This is not a metaphor, but a spiritual reality. It is the reality of the divine Breath that infuses all, that is the formative aspect of everything we consider physical and material.

This divine Breath moves through all of life. It shines through every face we see. It lives in every heart we meet. There is no one, not even the most hardened criminal that one could imagine, who does not contain this divine Breath, this fundamental energy of Divine life.

How far one's conscious awareness has moved away from this state of oneness is another thing. How far one has traveled from an understanding of love, unity, and sharing – this is what distinguishes those who are capable of acting selflessly from those who can only act on behalf of their own needs and desires.

But conscious awareness and essence are not the same thing. Thus, we are all brothers and sisters to even the least among us – to even the most rejected or vilified of those whom we would rather have nothing to do with—those who, nevertheless, share the Earth with us.

Why is it important to understand this at this time?

Because all that interferes with the progressive unfolding of the oneness of life and of respect for its sacredness is beginning to depart from the Earth. In its place is arising a new concern for our common habitat, a new desire for true guidance and honesty among leaders, a new need for an absence of deception, and a new wish to preserve and protect those who are less fortunate upon the Earth.

Even now, when so much remains to be accomplished, the heart is opening with greater compassion for those who are in need and those who are suffering. The ones who reject this opening due to strong needs to maintain the status quo of inequality and the subjugation of one by another – these individuals will have a harder time in the future preserving their positions, as the world at large seeks a new way of life.

The human family that we belong to is one of the heart. But even more than this, it is one of the heart connected with the body and spirit, for both body and spirit contain the essence of their formation, the essence of their creation, and they each must come to recognize the oneness that infuses all of life.

This may be a hard thing to understand at the cusp of the new where many are. For indeed, many people may think about unity with others and the value of cooperation. And there are many whose hearts desire this greatly. Yet, the new acknowledgment will come from the body – from feeling the oneness of life within the body – not as an idea, but as a certainty—as sure and unequivocal as the knowing that my arm is part of myself, or my fingers, or my legs.

This, then, is the nature of the human family – a family formed not only of mind and heart but of one essential body, and in the unfolding awareness that lies ahead, we will experience this 'body' as our own, much as, today, we experience our physical bodies as our own.

At that time, despite the fact that the Earth will still be populated by billions of individual streams of awareness, there will be no "other" visible. For the internal experience will be the experience of oneness, and the summary of that experience will be the saying that for many is easily recognizable—"e pluribus unum" – "out of many, One." This American motto, taken to its deepest level of meaning, represents the truth of humanity's future. It establishes the direction of spiritual unfoldment. And it symbolizes, in the end, the promise of mankind's sacred destiny.

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