Reconciliation and the Healing of Nations—The Voices of "We the Peoples…"

devatma /D. A. Goudreault

Humanity is one because of its common Divine nature and, even though in form we are finite and diverse, each human being has an infinite aspect, which connects them to the One Divine Source of All. When we deny this is our true identity, we deny our capacity, we create imbalance and all of humanity's problems begin. To grow in consciousness and expand our capacity for reconciliation, many agree we need to better align the material and the spiritual; the finite and the infinite, but few understand the science of this process or are willing to take on the responsibility of beginning this effort at its essential beginning, within the self. But this is precisely where loving service begins and the spark of radiance and infinite capacity is released for reconciling groups and nations and advancing the one humanity. Reconciliation is first a course of self-negotiations; reconciling of one's self with one's totality, and renewal of one's self in the Truth that we are equal, inseparable, and one.

How do we get to that point of realization when we are controlled by ego, duality, greed, and fear; when we cling to our judgment, ethnocentrism, and extremism rather than reconciliation and synthesis, even when we know in all this lays our darkness? How do we align ourselves as co-creators in these Divine energies when our conception is grounded in deception? How can we achieve what we cannot perceive? We are constantly being impressed by the Light of higher spiritual energies, but so few can respond in a way that creates, advances, and uplifts because our vehicles for registering, and translating that energy into illuminating word, thought, and action are not yet functioning at their necessary level.

We want to reach out and heal the world from treachery and from torture, from an insatiable hunger to separate and dominate, from depression, and cold anger, which never leaves, but to become the healers of nations requires more than desire and individual will. We must be able to balance, illuminate, unite and elevate, and that is why we meditate. Meditation is an access code. Otherwise we are just beautiful words and good intention, but no projection. And where there is no projection, there is no transformation. I am not talking about just closing your eyes in stillness. I mean a process through which you surrender your total self-your pride, your ego, your passion, your mind, your sensory system and your spirit to be realigned and redefined by the guidance of the soul for living your highest consciousness, and your greatest value and capacity to serve. A practice where when you refine your inner existence, you re-define your outer existence.

Meditation builds a framework for global reconciliation by merging our finite and infinite aspects of self, so instead of being limited by our perceived differences, we grow unbounded in consciousness, and more unlimited in our capacity to see God in all, and the other as our self. The potential for reconciliation and union in even the oldest conflicts then becomes more conceivable, because in your heart and mind you have an experience of oneness as your reference and reality instead of fear and the illusion of separateness. Expand yourself within and you will be able to extend your hand to all. Reconciliation is not beyond our capacity. It is an act of a heart guided by the Light and Love of having experienced oneness within. Unity is not something that does not exist and must be politically manufactured or defended. It is a reality that is ever present and innate in which we must grow in consciousness by removing our own barriers to it.

This is not work we can leave up to a few Saints, yogis and devoted world servers. It is the responsibility and right of all human beings to serve their true purpose, to live in the fullness of their capacity, and be a part of the Light and transformation of our one humanity. The practice of meditation helps to insure that that right becomes self-evident.

As our world evolves, so too does the complexity of our problems. We are a planet scrambling for resources, hoarding resources, fighting over resources. We are obsessed with a fear of scarcity, while the greatest resource; the resource within every human being that would balance all imbalances and open the flow of infinite creativity and abundance remains untapped. To survive the increasing adversities we face, leadership and individuals at every level of society must join in their commitment to advance the development of our total capacity as human beings.

We have tried strengthening our physical defense capabilities and our intellectual capabilities alone and found them insufficient, because what we need to strengthen is our hearts and minds in the reality of one God, one humanity, one purpose, and one peace. Anatomy, physiology, and psychology are sciences of the mind and body, but to surmount our rising global challenges and expand the potential of every field of human endeavor, we need to access the science of our totality. This is not an immediate effect, but it will create a lasting result as meditation opens the door to greater consciousness, and greater consciousness equals greater capacity.

How does this relate to the UN? In this transitional period of global confusion and conflict, as the old ways of holding power fight their last fight, the UN stares into the eye of its own destructive patterns and limited thinking; still struggling to advance its Universal Purpose amid the selfish will of individual members and member nations.

Humanity's sole objective for eons has been dominance. Every group wanting to collect as many people as it can, as much economic power, geographic control, and weapons as we can to create dominance. But here at the UN we must transform our need for dominance and allow the power of oneness to rule.

The darkest ages in history have taught us there is no benefit in dominating each other for individual or personal benefit, and still it persists. If the UN is just another casualty of duality; allowing Truth to drown in the illusions of groups still trying to defend their self-assumed dominance and exclusivity, we will not only fail our purpose in being, we will fail humanity. We have made ourselves limited, but we can make ourselves unlimited. We can act with greater integrity, clarity, courage and unity. We can become the embodiment of a fire of undeniable universal Truth that cannot be violated or corrupted, and lead in a direction which advances all humanity. But to excel we must exceed our perceived limits.

The UN is not another car company that can be replaced by increasing imports if it becomes inefficient. It is a unique and critical research facility for universal human advancement where, without sacrificing diversity, a union of being is to be conceived. Where the potential for humanity to grow beyond separatism is to be demonstrated, and a shared experience of expanding consciousness, reconciliation, healing and peace must radiate with such force it inspires the unfolding of the same innate capacity in the individuals and leaders of every nation. This will require the support of people who bring the Light of unlimited self and infinite consciousness to bear in the material; who see the UN not solely as global opportunists, short term peace brokers and security forces, but as a place where humanity's infinite potential is cultivated and lasting global harmonization is forged. Members of the General Assembly may believe they are currently serving at their utmost capacity. But, there will soon be a time when to participate here, all must also assume responsibility for beginning the inner work, which continually advances consciousness as a gesture of true Universal leadership and personal and national commitment to the work of lasting reconciliation.

All must move forward with this new sense of personal, national, and global responsibility. No one can be exclusive now. No one can continue to assume everything else is broken, but that one perfect and inalienable point at which they stand in power. To excel as one humanity requires the humility, sacrifice, and adjustment of all. Everyone as one, in the One.

You are born of totality. You are enlivened by Infinity. You are the Light of all Light's beginning. It is time to access and reach further into the untouched depths of our being and bring a new rendering of life, through new consciousness, into matter. With devoted hearts, consistent focus, and the practice of meditative technologies, which align us, the vision dreamt, the longing for union, the purpose spoken by the soul will manifest. There is no silencing the Will of the soul of the people. It is the voice and the Will of the One. Waheguru.

©Copyright, Devatma/Deborah A. Goudreault 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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