Reconciliation and the Healing of Nations—The Voices of "We the Peoples…"
In Observance of World Invocation Day

To Invoke and Evoke Healing Energies for the United Nations and Planet Earth

Friday, 5 June 2009; 1:00 p.m.—:30 p.m.

United Nations Church Center, 2nd Floor Conference Room (44th St. & 1st Ave.)

What Is the Relationship Between Reconciliation, the Healing of Nations
And World Invocation Day?

Ida Urso1


Good afternoon, Friends. On behalf of my co-workers who have helped organize today's meeting, it is my great pleasure to welcome you—each and every one of you—guest speakers, participants, and co-sponsors.

And, thank you, Eileen, for your—as ever, beautiful and uplifting music that helped us begin our inward and upward journey into higher consciousness.

I look forward to addressing the theme of this Seminar with you this afternoon and I know that our unified strivings will bring healing energies into the work of the United Nations, humanity, and all life on our planet.

We have much good work to accomplish. We are meeting at an auspicious solar and cosmic time in which to contemplate the healing of the nations—and the voices of "we the peoples…"—which not only includes those of us meeting here in this room, but also many of our co-workers and friends from around the world and throughout the United States, who—either individually or in groups, have committed to subjectively working with us today.

I would like to take a few minutes to recognize them, and ask you to join me in acknowledging the reciprocal link between our work and theirs, thus, strengthening our mutual efforts—on behalf of all.

I would like to mention the groups in, for example, Bromsten, Sweden; Sydney Goodwill in Australia; several groups in Russia who have translated the UN Meditation into Russian and who will be using it with us this afternoon;

Brazil's Triangle and World Goodwill groups who have also translated the meditation into Portuguese; a group in Skopje, Macedonia who have translated the meditation into both the Serbian and Macedonian languages, and this group—who normally meets every Thursday, will be meeting today in order to link with our work here this afternoon.

A group in Cali, Colombia, who thanks us for this great fraternal union, as they wrote; a group in Madrid, who, as you may have read in our web page, is invoking healing energies—not only for the United Nations and for the planet, but above all for the Light Workers who are meeting here today.

Additionally, I would like to recognize co-workers in Chile, New Zealand, Italy and Germany who will subjectively join with us, as will groups and individuals in many of our United States, including West Virginia, AZ, PA, CA, TX and elsewhere.

This acknowledgment provides a good segue-way into our considering the importance of the concept of "we the peoples," which is truly an Aquarian concept and also pivotal to World Invocation Day, about which I will say more in a little while.

We the Peoples…

It is an act of serendipity and most fitting that we are meeting here in the UN Church Center—which, as many of you know, is the gathering place of NGOs whose very reason for being is to support, in one way or another, the work of the United Nations.

It is also fitting and most significant that we overlook the General Assembly of the United Nations—the meeting place of the nations and peoples of the world. As those of you who are familiar with the history of this organization know, the concept of "we the peoples" played a pivotal role in its founding.

Back in 1945, many doubted that the then 50 nations convening at the United Nations Conference on International Organization could ever be brought to agreement.

The precarious, touch and go nature of that conference is described by Harold Stassen, the then Governor of MN and one of the U.S. delegates to that conference who tells us that the public and the media, were strident in their assertions that the 50 nations could never be brought to agreement.

He then gives the following account of how the tide was turned:

"As we began…regular explanations to the media and to nongovernmental representatives who increasingly came to San Francisco, public sentiment began to swing in a hopeful manner.

"Virginia Gildersleeve, one of the eight-member delegation from the US, came forward with the preamble concept of 'We the People'. [From then on] progress in our work and in public opinion accelerated to the point where all 50 delegations agreed unanimously and signed the 10,000 word Charter on June 26." (Harold E. Stassen, New Realities Conference, 1993)

In his report to the Millennium Assembly, Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who had a special appreciation of NGOs, also pointed out the importance of this concept. He wrote,

"Even though the United Nations is an organization of states, the Charter is written in the name of 'we the peoples.' Ultimately," he said, "the United Nations exists for, and must serve, the needs and hopes of people everywhere."

Some of you here recognize that this Seminar is part of the meditation initiative that goes under the name of "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity."

These two ideas go hand in hand and, of course, "humanity" is "we the peoples."

Those of us who sponsor this meditation initiative, and meet monthly within the UN Meditation Room, believe that in this Aquarian Age, the UN is as a Temple for Humanity; it is as the hub of the great wheel of the whole human race—the hope of humanity—as some refer to it.

The work accomplished within and around this world body by its personnel, by the representatives and leaders of the member States and by many of the thousands of Civil Society2 organizations affiliated with the UN is truly spiritual work.

Affirming the pivotal role of the United Nations in our world, one of the Masters of the Wisdom has written,

"Speaking symbolically—when the United Nations has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured. What is that welfare but love in action? What are right human relations but love among men, groups and nations? What is international cooperation but love on a world scale?" (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Alice A. Bailey, © Renewed by Lucis Trust, 1985, Lucis Publishing Co., NY, p. 603)

Contrary to the Piscean Age when communion with divinity was possible only through an appointed individual or group who acted as a spiritual conduit, in this Aquarian Age, we know that each of us not only can be—but MUST be the keepers of our own individual flame of consciousness.

By meeting here today and acknowledging our spiritual vision for an improved world experience, we bear witness to the truth that the Age of Aquarius is the Age in which humanity is undergoing a great spiritual awakening, which brings us to our theme of World Invocation Day.

World Invocation Day

One of the sacred texts of the Agni Yoga wisdom states: One cannot remain without water even for a day. And likewise it is difficult for the consciousness to survive without the light from far-off worlds. Thinking about the grandeur of life can become as necessary as food or drink. (Agni Yoga, par. 407, Agni Yoga Society, NY.)

From the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Kybalion of Hermes Trismegistus the Agni-Puranas, the Unapishads and other ancient Covenants to the contemporary esoteric wisdom, brought forth in the books of the Agni Yoga Society and the Intermediate Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, given out by the Tibetan Master, within the books authored by Alice A. Bailey, the Great Teachers of Humanity have long held out the promise of a Higher Way of life if humanity but would follow certain spiritual principles and precepts.

As the Boddhisattva Pledge3 indicates, these Great Helpers of humanity do not abandon the Earth so long as sufferings go unhealed. (New Era Community, par. 272, Agni Yoga Society, NY.)

Always—throughout time and in all cultures, the attempt has been to awaken humanity and lead it from darkness to light, from death to immortality and from the unreal to the real.

Also known as the Festival of Goodwill, the Festival of the Christ, and the Festival of Humanity, World Invocation Day is a global Day of spiritual healing.

As all of the 12 monthly solar festivals, it spans five days—two days before the Solar Festival of Gemini, the day of the Solar Festival itself and two days afterwards.

Today is the first day of that five-day period. So it is our good opportunity to initiate what two of our co-workers in Australia have referred to as the wave of energetic support—that will grow in intensity until World Invocation Day on Sunday, June 7th at 2:12 p.m. here in our Eastern Time zone.

This Festival—the third of three Major Spiritual Festivals, following as it does, the Festival of Wesak or the Festival of the Buddha, brings the greatest inpouring of cosmic love into our planet. It is a culminating point—providing a crescendo of revelation, which can lead to transformative changes, if we can avail ourselves of the opportunity provided.

This Festival celebrates the spirit of humanity—aspiring towards God or higher consciousness. It brings attention to the fact of a Higher Cosmic Will and Plan, recognizing that humanity is not living an uncharted course.

It is dedicated to the expression of right human relations and the energies connected to this Festival especially affect the nations of the world—either helping them move towards the objectives set forth by the United Nations—of cooperation, unity and solidarity—or increasing the extant expression of self-centredness and the instinct to self-preservation.

Occurring under the influence of the sign of Gemini, it is a Festival that recognizes the spiritual and divine nature of humanity and its unique role as a bridge builder between the various dimensions of consciousness on our planet.

It is a day of outer fellowship and group activity, such as is our experience here today; it is also a day of inner awareness and spiritual uplift—a recognition of our oneness as a human species as well as our link within the Great Chain of Hierarchy—that stream of Light, Love and the Will-to-Good that has existed on our planet since the dawn of humanity and which grows ever more electrified, strengthened, deepened and beautified each time that any one individual takes up his or her work of world salvage and healing.

Humanity's task, ultimately, is to become aware of the unimpeded relationship existing among all centers and states of being, or dimensions of consciousness and then relate "that which is above and that which is below," or that which is inward (esoteric) to that which is outward (exoteric)—a form of inbreathing and out-breathing, of receiving and giving. In this way, humanity becomes part of the divine circulatory flow.

The legacy of this day will be an understanding of how humanity can scientifically engage in the process of invocation/evocation—a process that describes that voiceless appeal, and inherent urge towards the light—which is innate in all forms, which produces interplay and relationship, and which is the cause of all progress or pushing forward along the path of an expanding consciousness and a penetration into the light. A process that is as true of the flower that pushes its way through the dark of the earth into the light of the sun just as it is of the disciple who strives to pierce into the higher (deeper) dimensions of consciousness, ad infinitum.

The possibility is that in time to come, "life in the three worlds" will be superseded by the fact of "life in the five worlds," including an awareness of the Buddhic and Atmic dimensions of consciousness—as depicted in this chart. (Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, Alice A. Bailey, © Renewed Lucis Trust, 1978, Lucis Publishing Co., New York, p. X )

In the symbolism of the East, "The Bridge of Sighs" which links the animal world with the human world and leads all individuals into the vale of tears…will be replaced by the radiant Rainbow Bridge so that an aware humanity can then bring that radiant light down into the daily world.

Such is the hope and promise of the work, which can be accomplished each succeeding year at this World Invocation Day.

Reconciliation and the Healing of Nations

What can I say about Reconciliation and the Healing of Nations? I will touch just briefly on this subject, as this will be the focus of our guest speakers.

As most of you know, this year is the United Nations' "International Year of Reconciliation."

The literature around this resolution is most interesting and heartening because it emphasizes the healing aspect of what is possible during World Invocation Day.

In a press release about this resolution it was said that this Year can become a vehicle for creating a fraternal human society, based on values such as truth and justice and for restoring the unity of mankind now separated by ethnic, religious and other kinds of conflicts. [GA/10536, 20 November 2006, Sixty-first General Assembly Plenary, 56th Meeting (AM)]

In presenting the resolution within the General Assembly, the representative from Nicaragua, the country that spearheaded the adoption of this Resolution, stated that reconciliation is the way of embedding into culture the high ideals that can make the common good the cornerstone of development.

Beginning with South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission of 1995, over 20 such commissions have been created in other countries since then—a sign of humanity's readiness for something other than a culture of war.

Because the concept is yet fairly new, there is no agreed upon set definition for what constitutes the practice of reconciliation, although there is general agreement that all parties must be willing to reconcile and they must be willing to listen and respect each other's point of view, and to then take agreed upon actions to change problematic behavior. Truth, justice and mercy are identified as critical components of the reconciliation process.

Although reconciliation can take place without the act of forgiveness and forgiveness can proceed within the privacy of one's own heart and mind, without reconciliation, the act of forgiving can shift one's energies. It can liberate the individual from the weight of resentment and hurtful feelings.

Some consider forgiveness as the esoteric heartbeat of the process of reconciliation. And, there is a handout on the literature table that includes selected quotes on the act of forgiveness that you might find of interest.

There can be no question in anyone's mind that all nation-states are in need of healing. The history of the human race to date has been fraught with war and conflicts—waged over economic, social, ethnic, religious, and political differences.

In fact, two ancient and inherited ideas have both enthralled and imprisoned humanity and are today the cause and basis of our many global crises: The first is aggression for the sake of possession and the second is the authority of one individual, group or church over others. These ancient ideas, which must become relics of the past, have been fueled by selfish ambition and a violently imposed authoritarian rule.


Our work today and the increased awareness of the potential of World Invocation Day and all truly spiritual strivings will offset these ancient ideas substituting instead, the new ideas and values of the Aquarian Age—such as unity, cooperation, synthesis and sharing, which brings me to my concluding thought, which comes in the form of a mantram that I would like to share with you. It affirms the work possible to us today and during this Festival period:

"Radiance we are and power. We stand forever with our hands stretched out, linking the heavens
and the earth, the inner world of meaning and the subtle world of glamour.

"We reach into the Light and bring it down to meet the need. We reach into the silent
Place and bring from thence the gift of understanding.

"Thus with the light we work and turn the darkness into day."
(Glamour: A World Problem, Alice A. Bailey, © Renewed 1978 by Lucis Trust, NY, p. 232)

Thank you.

1 A talk given by Ida Urso, Ph. D., President and Founder, Aquarian Age Community.
2 Over 13,000 CSOs have established a relationship with the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). The vast majority of these CSOs are NGOs; there are also institutions, foundations, associations and almost 1,000 Indigenous Peoples Organizations (IPOs) listed as CSOs with DESA - which maintains a database of registered CSOs. (Source: UN & Civil Society Website:
3 For as long as space endures; And for as long as living beings remain; Until then may I too abide; To dispel the misery of the world; from, A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life by Santideva. The Bodhisatva's Vow: So long as space remains, So long as sentient beings remain, I will remain; In order to help; In order to serve; In order to make my own contribution.

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