Reconciliation and the Healing of Nations
A Seminar Held in Observance of World Invocation Day
To Invoke and Evoke Healing Energies for the United Nations and Planet Earth

Friday, 5 June 2009

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Location: New York - Posted June 6, 2009

From William (Bill) Gellermann

The people of the United States conceived themselves as "We the People," that is as one People.

The representatives of "Nations" conceived of "We the Peoples," that is as many Peoples.

I would like to see "us" shift our focus from many "Peoples" to one "People."

Location: Unityville, Pa - Posted June 5, 2009

From Pat Brainin

In pondering the difficulties of reconcilliation between the nations, it seems necessary that a particular kind of healing must take place

I have been moved by the the theorey of Russian Psyachologist Immanuel Velikovsky in his amazing book MANKIND IN AMNESIA in which he states his belief that underlying all of the Nations' anxieties, angers and subsequant wars there is an underlying fear, primevil in its beginning, when mankind in the prehistoric times was assaulted by Natural Catastrophies over which he had no control.

That this great anxiety has been unrecognized by him and been repressed but lingers as a floating anxiety of deep an unrecognized fear. This, he believes is universal and has caused man and Nations to be over protective, fearful of the unknow, quick to take offense, etc.

Somehow he believes, man must awknoledge this human and Universal fear and realize that in the present we have the ability to take conscioous actioon of a positive and creative kind to avoid the catastrophes which are purley man made.

We see the good effects of this confession of fear, atrocities etc in the reconcilliation aproach taken by Biishop Tutu in South Africa. What is required however is a universal awknoledgement of fear and mutual acceptance of blame for the world's ills.

In the late 70s Mother Serena of the Risicurian Order in N.Y., during a program on New York Public Radi used this prayer which seems appropriate in guiding our thoughts at this time.

"Be thou whole, be thouhealed, be tho happy, all of you Nations, unto the Ages of Ages, unto the Ancient of Days, in the name and thru the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. (or the name invoked by the various Faiths.)

May light and Love and Power be with tomorrow's meeting

Location: El Escorial- Madrid - Spain - Posted June 2, 2009
Email: celsavirtus [at] gmail [dot] com

From Celsa Alvarez

I am very sorry I can join you on the 5th (economical problems do not let me to travel so far away) I only want to give you my support. Here in El Escorial we will Evoke Healing Energies not only for the United Nations and for the Planet, above all we will do it for the Light Workers. This is a message for them.

Dear all, as closer we come to the end more energy WE must control. Remember you are not here only to invoque. You are a TWO-WAYS chanel . One to bring down divine energy and the second needs froim you more concentration YOU MUST TRANSFORM NEGATIVE VIBRATIONS). I am very worried about that . You are only concentrated in Heaven. REMEMBER:

1- You inner vibration has been identified even before you were born

2- You accepted, before your Birth to come to this momment of life in Earth to identify all the negative vibrations that attack the Human Beings

3- You have to accept and recogn these vibrations (negative things one after the other) as something that attack you physicaly but ( it is not yours)It is a human sensation under the negatine preasure. You can not allow these to bring your energy down.

4- Remember you came to offer Dahma and no Karma. While you are punishing yourselves you are not vibrating in the correct energy

5- Remember that apart from joining group which are similar to you, your main mission is to help the human beings

6- Remember you are Fighters and the negative energy is very (sutil)inteligent.

7- Remember as well that you are the first who can not be competitive. You came to share your wisdom, no goal are possible

8- Remenber you are born in this special momment for:



Location: NYV/ and Brazil SPaulo/SJose Campos - Posted June 2, 2009
Email: helenarenner [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] br

From Helena Renner C Almeida

Location: Albany, Oregon USA - Posted May 26, 2009
Email: david62 [at] aquafount [dot] com

From David Anderer

It has been 57 years since this day of World Invocation was first sounded out by a hopeful humanity.

2009 marks another united invocation from humanity to the Divine Life for healing energies for our suffering humanity and this wonderful and beautiful planet of abundant life in which we live.

Each year an invocation has been made. Each year a seed has been planted as a result of that invocation.

We have been told that, "He for Whom the whole world waits has said that whatsoever shall be asked in His name and with faith in the response will see it accomplished."

Seeds planted take time to grow and mature and give of its fruit. It is the same with the response to our invocations. We are blessed with solutions that will emerge when the time is ripe.

In faith we stand straight and tall in 2009 and again reach out with body, mind and soul to the Divine and invoke blessed healing of our human ignorance and wrong ways.

After 57 years we, humanity, stand stronger and more mature as we strive ahead into the future. With a grateful heart we are thankful for all the blessings we have received and look forward to all the healing and light filled blossoms to come.

In addition to the importance using the Great Invocation, there is an "Invocation for the United Nations" that may also be appropriate to use at this time special time considering the purpose of this group.

Invocation for the United Nations

May the Peace and the Blessings of the Holy Ones pour forth over the worlds --- rest upon the United Nations, on the work and the workers, protecting, purifying, energizing and strengthening.

There is a peace which passeth understanding. It abides in the hearts of those who live in the Eternal.

There is a Power that maketh all things new. It lives and moves in those who know the Self as One.

May the Rhythm of that Peace vibrate within the United Nations and in the heart of every worker.

May the Rhythm of that Creative Power resound within the United Nations, and in the lives of all who serve there --- awakening, transmuting and giving birth to that which ought to be.

May the Chalice the United Nations is building become a focal point for the descent of spiritual force, which filling it and overflowing to the world draws toward itself all those whose work lies there.

May the Consciousness of the United Nations become ever more at-one, the many lights One Light in the Light of the Self.

May the aspiration and the dedication of the United Nations burn as a clear flame in the service of Humanity.

May the Love and the Light and the ONE LIFE pour through the United Nations, cleansing it from all evil, and attracting all good.

Location: Unityville, Pa - Posted May 24, 2009

From Pat Brainin

Indications of a growing world consciousness, an already vibrant sub-stratum for the upcoming Day of Reconciliation and Right Relations.

1. The synthesis of the cyclical calandars of five great traditions, Mayan, Tibetan,Hopi, Cabala, and the current calandar.

2.Scientific discussions and evidence of the zero Point Field where all things were registerd.

3. the hologramatic structure of the world wherein something experienced here is registered throughout the world and possibly cosmos.

4.The blendings of the Worlds music, international adoptions of many rythms, instruments, understandings, into something very beautiful and moving.This is true of the other arts as well.

5. the growing awareness and beginning actions for problems that effect the whole world, etc.

Empowereing Ideas.

1. The implacable will of God for good

2A Spiritual Hierarchy, working intelligently with the plan from from their own life experiences know well the points of stress etc. of every nation and every dept. of society.

3The inevitable power of evolution to bring us into a new age wether it is called The Aquarian Age, Chardin's Noosphere,or the post 2012 New Age of Light.

Images of Wholeness which can assist in seeing the overall perspective of a New World.

1. The beautiful image of the green-blue-white image of the Earth as seen from space.

2The structure of the Zodiac as a grand wheel, divided into 12,24,36 etc sections, each section assigned its role in world affairs so that relationships can be seen more clearly.
An awareness that at least in the West this circle has guided humanity in its thinking from Hercules, to Christ and His 12 Apostles, and its politica,mystical adaptation in the Celtic Round Table.

And finally an awareness that as Uranus bombards Pisces at the present time, Gemini sees the broader,transcendent possibilities of new Sagitarian thought in art,science and
Spiritual philosophy. AS the Planet Earth is the Hierarchial ruler of Gemini and the Esoteric ruler of Sagitarius, the energies and graces released at that time,through the Christ , nurtured by Hierarchy can only benefit mankind.

Let Light and Love and the Power of this time bring enlightment and the spirit of reconcilliation to our Earth in abundance.

Location: La Quinta, Californiaa - Posted May 11, 2009
Email: mediaand [at] aol [dot] com

From Diane

My message of support about the healing of nations:

On Saturday, May 9, 2009, on television, on Robert Redford's Sundance Channel, there was a message between the segments of a program (Ladette to Lady).
The message was given by three well-known young people in the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

The three people set forth the 8 goals for the new millenium as set forth by the United Nations.Each goal was set forth in its entirety. There were visuals to go along with each section, for example, people in Africa who are suffering from one or more of the areas that need attention.

I have never seen this on television before. It represents a real breakthrough in the potential healing of the nations - that the mass of people will now be exposed to the problems of humanity.It is also a breakthrough in exposing the mass of humanity to the work of the United Nations.

Posted May 11, 2009

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