Reconciliation and the Healing of Nations
The Voices of "We the Peoples"

A Seminar Held in Observance of World Invocation Day
To Invoke and Evoke Healing Energies for the United Nations and Planet Earth

Friday, 5 June 2009

Possible Ways to Contribute and Participate in the 2009 Seminar
In Observance of World Invocation Day at the United Nations

  1. Help create an invocative/evocative group channel, by joining in prayer and meditation, using the meditation outline, The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity, weekly, every Friday and on the day of the Seminar, Friday, 5 June. A copy of the meditation is available upon request.
  2. Study the compilation of selected thoughts/ideas on reconciliation/forgiveness, World Invocation Day, the healing of nations and right human relations. Reflect and ponder the process of reconciliation and forgiveness, considering ways in which you can practice this process within your heart/mind and in your local/global environment.
  3. Set aside the afternoon of Friday, 5 June, and register to participate in the UN Seminar in person.
  4. Help publicize the event within your networks and/or through the media, in order to:
    1. Raise awareness about the UN International Year of Reconciliation and World Invocation Day as a planetary day of meditation, prayer and goodwill, recognizing the Oneness of Humanity and humanity's shared spiritual heritage/experience, and thus,
    2. Help build an enlightened world public opinion.
  5. Leave a message of support, and/or comments or favorite quotes about World Invocation Day, the healing of nations and/or reconciliation and forgiveness on this web page.
  6. Make a financial contribution to help meet the costs of this program through the following secure website:, or via the postal address therein provided.
  7. My suggestion of additional ways that I can contribute/participate:

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