The Voices of "We the Peoples…"

In Observance of World Invocation Day
To Invoke and Evoke Healing Energies for the United Nations and Planet Earth
Friday, 5 June 2009; 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
United Nations Church Center, 2nd Floor Conference Room
United Nations, New York
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The International Year of Reconciliation can become a vehicle for creating a fraternal human society, based on values such as truth and justice and for restoring the unity of mankind.
Permanent Mission of Nicaragua to the United Nations
Some day a scientific study will be made of the great world prayers, spiritual statements and invocative appeals and their relation to world events; this relationship will become illuminatingly apparent and the result will be a closer linking of earth and the spiritual centres of Love and Life.
Join us for an afternoon of keynote talks, sacred music, discussion and meditation, featuring the voices of "We the Peoples…"
At this time of planetary crisis all spiritual workers can contribute to building a thoughtform of solution to world problems.
Since 1952 World Invocation Day has been observed as a global day of spiritual healing.